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1) Please tell your agreement with the following statements from Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor.
(a) To what degree was the actual lab environment simulated.
Very Good Good Fair Poor
(b) The manuals were found to be helpful?
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(c) The results of experiment were easily interpretable?
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(2) Please answer the following questions.
(a) Did you got the feeling of actual lab while performing the experiments?
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(b) Did you go through the Manual / Step by step method before performing the live experiments ?
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(c) Could you measure and analyze the data sucessfully?
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(d) Could you compare your results with the given typical result?
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(e) Do you think performing experiments through Virtual Labs is more challenging than the real lab experiments?
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(f) Do you think doing experiments through Virtual Labs gives scope for more innovative and creative research work?
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(g) Do you find the theory part useful ?
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(3) How helpful the system ?
(4) Specify the problems/difficulties you faced while performing the experiments?
(5) Give most interesting things about the experiments?
(6) Suggestions (if any)